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EDIT: Also continuing the discussion from Badass Space Dragon - GM Toolkit Development:

Hey, @awjt, @danegeld, and @Mister44, I replied to this thread as a new topic because it was categorized as “dizzy,” while I think it should be in “games.” Also, because I think that everyone has forgotten about this thread, and I’d really like it to get some attention. Besides, since I haven’t participated in one of these before, I hope that some of you can help arrange it.

EDIT: Forgive me, father, for I have added a pair of quotation marks, which were missing.

Badass Space Dragon - GM Toolkit Development
It's time for a new BBS game

I’ll add @patrace and @Donald_Petersen, because @awjt mentioned them in the original post.


@Donald_Petersen and @penguinchris were batting a few ideas around before Christmas (edit : October…), don’t know if they ever went anywhere. I thought we were thinking of some Mad Max Death Race thing…? Or a Wild West werewolf story…


I’m totally in! The timing is much better for me now than it was last month. I’m off to bed since I have to get up in six hours to take the kids to school, but as soon as I get to… uh, “work,” then this’ll be the first thing on my plate!


Sounds great! I’m in the middle of launching a political satire series so I probably can’t spend too much time on it right now but keep me in the loop.


and @JonasEggeater you may want to link this in the OP


I’ve been a bit out of the boingboing loop of late but I’m ready to jump right onto this. Looking forward to see what @Donald_Petersen has come up with that he mentioned in the other thread.


I missed the last one because I was too late to the party, but if there’s room on this bandwagon I want in!


Hi @penguinchris, @SteampunkBanana, and everybody else who is in this thread for the game.

Please take note:
It looks like a previous game thread, Badass Space Dragon - GM Toolkit Development, has become the location where the bulk of the planning is taking place right now. @awjt, @Donald_Petersen, et al, are already scheming.



Pregame-hype discussion goes here:

GM Toolset discussion goes here.


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