Badass Space Dragons: join us for a BBS door game!




I like to think that my Friday evenings spent swinging away at Legend of the Red Dragon inoculated me against taking an interest in Everquest and World of Warcraft. Tempting, this.


Join usssss…


I want to play but I don’t know how! :cry:
Any chance it’d be easy to follow for a noob?


I’m with monkeyoh.


It’s simples!

Once a week you’ll have to pick a mission to go on, and maybe spend some space credits repairing & upgrading your ship. Then Pat will let you know if you died or not. Rinse and repeat.

Everything else is optional (but fun!) - photoshops, bad jokes, role playing…

I’d never done anything like this before Pat did it first time around, had a blast.


OK, I’m convinced! Thanks!


Having missed the original one but rode out for the Adventure in the Desert of Post-Apocalyptic Adventures, I can guarantee that you will understand everything in a round.

It’s like an RPG, so you’ll probably bring more to it than was originally planned. We ended up creating a religion based on the mechanics, nobody could have ever seen that coming.


Appearently, I’m a Moosogynist. I didn’t even see that coming this morning!


The remains (maybe) of the former Captain of the Iron Giant are IN!


Whatever happened to the Iron Giant?

The Iron Giant, oddly named, was Captain Hogarth’s ride
Until the day he escorted Brad Nebula inside.
A Gee-Two Forty-Three Eleven 'bot came on the screen,
And Brad, aboard the only escape pod, did flee the scene.


Hmm. That was oddly inconclusive…


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