Come see me in Toronto and Maine!

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Come see me in Santa Cruz, San Francisco, Toronto, and Maine!

Wish that had been an “or”.

It’s going to be a long, expensive trip.


I’ll be the one handing you a big fat joint, bro. Then we can really figure it out.

Wait, William Gibson will be their in person? He can crash on my couch just up the street from the venue.

Bill will be there in person! But he has a hotel.

No love for Montreal, Cory? It’s on the way to Portland, too!

I have to bookmark this one for when somebody on boingboing goes apeshit at the eco-horrors of a pipeline. “It’s the consumption, stupid”. If Corey took the bus everywhere and saved a ton of carbon on every X-country trip over flying, the tar sands would probably have to shut down. (Well, Corey and everybody else, at least.)

…no, not a serious suggestion. But I’m surprised that Greta Thunberg didn’t get an award from the oil industry for highlighting just what you’d have to do to cross the Atlantic without burning carbon, how impossible life-as-we-know-it would be without carbon, until we develop alternatives.

It’s the development of alternatives that’s the real Climate War, not attempting to shut down a fraction of a percent of global production while continuing your own consumption. (Actions speak louder than words; if you take the plane rather than the bus, your actions are saying “please extract an extra 7 barrels today so I don’t have to spend 3 days on the bus” … even if your words are “STOP THE PIPELINE” on the sign you just flew 2000 miles to wave.)

Yes, apologies for being all off-topic, but Thunberg’s visit, and her insistence on applying strict logic to her climate activism (where so many don’t), do remind me of the contrast that boingboing has an actual tag for “pipelines”, most recently with Trudeau’s “pipeline hypocrisy” - and every few months, it also displays a Corey tour, with a schedule that makes it pretty plain he isn’t taking the bus and is demanding those extra 7 barrels very repeatedly for his own career needs.

So do I, and indeed for vacation/family-visit needs; but then, I don’t oppose oil production, I root for alternatives to be developed. The seaplanes that fly past my house in Vancouver will soon be electric! It’s a start.

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