Berlin! I'm coming to town tomorrow! (Houston, you're next)

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Well, that makes perfect sense. I mean, Berlin and Houston are practically suburbs of one another!!


But it’s only 220€ entry fee in Berlin, come on!!

The videos from the conference are free, and I’m appearing for free the next night at a bookstore.

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If video, then why not appear by video in the first place and save the carbon?

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Mid-atlantic anytime soon?

As in halfway between Boston and Ireland?!

I was thinking more like D.C. Philly or Baltimore, but I can probably get my hands on a boat.


Ha! Nothing in the schedule as yet, but there’s always hope!

I’m not trying to call you out here, but are you and others in the business of jumping between continents for promoting there work doing some CO2 offset stuff?

I’ve traveled too and froo between continents some years back, mostly Europe/Africa. I never did pay a CO2 offset, and always was a bit doubtful about this kind of commercial indulgence. Got a friend who did it for all her flights, and discussed it with her a bit, but she could not dissipate my doubts.

If the traffic’s good, you can probably do it in an hour and a half.


why not? its about time. everybody is talking about the climate crisis, but when its about plane-travel on a personal level, handwaving is the usual response. I am pretty tired of that after 30 years of pointing out personal responsibilitys in terms of how-to-avoid-climate-disaster.

If you re-read my post, you may realise that I tried to give a reason why not.

I traveled quite a bit, though not professionally as in ‘to earn money’. I thought about paying a CO2 offset, and I did not. And I am curious if authors like Cory also do, if it is discussed in their community, and if so to which results.

Just to let you get an idea what I pondered before: as you handle suggests, you might better understand the connotations of the German word Ablasshandel instead of the English term indulgence (not sure if it is as heavily loaded with subtext as in the German tounge).

Hey Cory, you ever going to make it to or near Pennsylvania?

Off topic, but every time I see the headline to this post:

Berlin! I’m coming to town tomorrow! (Houston, you’re next)

I think of that old scary campfire story—

I am the Viper! I vill be at your house in tventy minutes!

:fire: :ghost: :scream: :laughing: (Sorry, Cory!)

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