Come see me tomorrow in Portland, Maine with James Patrick Kelly!

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Have a great time in Portland, it’s an amazing city.

Portland has some great restaurants. A few blocks down Congress street from the Library is Empire Chinese, probably my favorite place to eat in Portland. Make sure you try the green beans. And if you want to experience what Maine tastes like, go have a lobster roll at the Bite Into Maine food truck, at Fort Williams park a couple miles away in Cape Elizabeth. Beautiful view of the ocean and the best lobster roll I have ever had. If you can’t get to BIM and still want a lobster roll, go to Bob’s Clam Hut in Portland. Just thinking about it makes me hungry.


I love the PPL, wish I could spend more time there.


Welcome, in advance, to Maine! We’re going to try to make it down to your talk in Portland. If you have a chance and like the water, hop on one of the Casco Bay ferries for a nice tour of the islands. Long Island is one of the newest towns in the country, having split from Portland a few years ago when tax hikes meant year-round residents could no longer afford to live there. It’s a great story of civic empowerment, and you can feel it in the air as soon as you disembark.


Newry, though, is in the middle of nowhere. Seriously. Nice drive through the hills from Portland, but you will not be seeing the coast or anything much else except trees and little towns.


On the plus side, if you’re only going to be seeing trees, this is the season to do it.


Close anyway at least. I’m a bit southeast of there and the colors are at about 20%… seem to be a little late this year. The Bethel area might be much further along.

You’re probably right about things being late. I’m in Rockland, and we’re only around 10% (if that), but I was thinking that area was likely a few weeks ahead.

Nice. I’m just outside Newburyport, MA. Used to spend summer weekends up at Tenants Harbor when a friend’s family owned a vacation house there. Pleasant, oddly sedate, non-touristy place. Spent a lot of time napping.


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