Eating at all of LA's grand old restaurants and dives, one at a time

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The term moderation comes to mind…


Eating at the grand old iconic restaurant Musso & Frank was a peak experience for me: I met my Newfoundland penpal of twelve years (then) there, we ate at “Table One” , a bucket list item several of my friends and I had.

I have a penfriend much more local to LA who shares with me his tales of going to Bob’s Big Boy, Clifton’s Cafeteria, Tam O’Shanter, Philippe’s, Cole’s Pacific Electric Buffet… I want so much to go to the LA area again


Clifton’s Cafeteria is one of the most magical restaurants in America. A Cabinet of Curiosities.


Based on the highlighted cocktail names alone in Clifton’s Gothic Bar, I believe you.


Oh yes, do go to Hogly Wogly’s. By far the finest BBQ brisket I’ve ever been blessed to eat. It’s across the street from one of the less fashionable titty bars on Sepulveda in the armpit of Van Nuys, which is good because if it were nearer to Burbank (where I work) or god forbid Pasadena (where I live) I’d eat there twice a week and be twice the size I am now.


One thing I remember an Austin Chronicle music writer saying to me went something like: I visited L.A. again after 10 years and ya know what, most of the places I went to are still there. That can’t be said of Austin.

We most assuredly paved paradise (The Armadillo) and put up a parking lot.


Had to google image it and bam!

Never change, America. Never change.


Ayup. That’s 'bout right. First time I went there, before I knew better, I ordered a two-way dinner of brisket and chicken. I was pretty hungry, but I figured I should leave the three-way dinners (e.g. brisket, chicken, and hot links) to the professional trenchermen, since dinners also included bread and two sides. What they served me lasted 3 meals.

Now I just order the brisket a la carte and a “loaf” of bread, which makes for two substantial sandwiches plus meat left over to take home. Sometimes I order fries with that.

Their menu ain’t cheap, but their portions are huge, is what I’m saying. And SOOOO yummy.


I have eaten at many of the restaurants listed in the blog. Fine places.

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When I get to LA, I often try to visit the Bear Pit BBQ, another classic spot, but I’m going to have to seek out Hogly Wogly’s next time.

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I’m feeling more than a twinge of regret that I never left Long Beach when I was in that part of California although there was a brewpub one block from my hotel that was good enough that I ate there every night, and a great little cafe in the other direction that was good for breakfast and lunch.

Writer Mark Evanier (of Groo fame - among many other comic books and cartoons) has a website that would work as a companion to the Remains of LA blog, on formerly popular but now defunct LA eateries.

He also discusses his favorite places to eat in LA - among many, many other things, on his main blog.

His blog is a daily read for me, like Boing Boing.


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