Legendary L.A. eatery Clifton’s Cafeteria is back! (but is called Clifton’s Republic now)

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Open, closed, open, closed, now open again. It’s really worth a visit if you’re in downtown L.A.

Clifford Clifton was an awesome individual himself, a death-defying anti-corruption crusader during the 1930s who went after greedy crooks like D.A. Buron Fitts.


went there before it closed again (most recent time). what a place. it’s a must-see.


Me too. I missed its earlier incarnation, and (as with so many other things) I blame my parents. We spent the summer in LA in 1968 and they didn’t bring me there. I can’t wait to go back.


I’m surprised I’d never heard of this place. It’s like Casa Bonita crossed with House on the Rock crossed with, uh, a cafeteria, I guess!


Went there several times as a kid in the late 60’s. I don’t remember anything about the food, although I do recall liking how you went down the line and picked out what you wanted. I just remember that it was a magical place, and I always wanted to go there.

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if you’ve been to Casa Bonita, yes – that’s definitely the vibe, but with different themes for each floor. it’s fantastic.


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