Come to Intervention 2013, Aug 23-25, Rockville MD

I’m looking forward to attending and participating in Intervention2013, a showcase of online creativity, featuring sessions and panels by and for cartoonists, bloggers, podcasters, and makers. It’s from Aug 23-25 at the Hilton Washington DC/Rockville in Rockville, Maryland. Hope to see you there! READ THE REST


URL is borked “ #sthash.fiWC9tCh.dpuf”
In general, I believe spaces are things to avoid in URLs.

I fixed it.

Holy shit this is literally like 5 minutes away

Crap, I used to live in that area, but it’s been… 30 years? Wish I could make it!

Hey this is Harknell, co-con chair for Intervention. We’re really happy to have Mark at the event this year to speak about DIY maker ideas as well as his blogging and related artistic output. Intervention was created to be a place for DIY creators of all kinds, so we invite and hope to see many of the wildly creative BoingBoing community there this year.

This is going to be AWESOME!!!

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