Comedian Bec Hill translates Edith Piaf into nonsensical English

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Her for 2020 POTUS!


Foreign language subs never get old.


Inception wil never be the same.

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I liked it!

I feel like this with Caravan Palace. Several of their songs are sort of mashed up and cut up vocals, so you can catch clips of words, but no real meaning.

IIRC they are French but the CD I have doesn’t have French singing.

I watched it all the way to the end.

I regret nothing.


As a French, I am deeply offended by this.

(Not really. It does feel weird to think about eating Jean Reno’s butt though…)


Back and forth forever.

Coming in the other direction there’s the wonderful “Mot’s d’heurres: gousses, rames” (, which contains semi-nonsensical “French” poems which just happen to sound suspiciously familiar to English speakers when read aloud.

I think there was also an English/German version of the same thing.


Ah, yes. The old “A l’eau, c’est l’heure!” trick.

My girlfriend is French, so I’ve heard that Edith Piaf song so often I think it must be France’s alternative national anthem. I laughed so hard when I saw Hill’s interpretation that I thought I was going to choke. My girlfriend looked at the video, shook her head, and said, “But it does not sound like any of those words.” I guess you really have to be a native anglophone.


With wasabi.

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One little known fact : Piaf dedicated her recording of the song to the French Foreign Legion. At the time of the recording, France was engaged in a military conflict, the Algerian War (1954–1962), and the 1st REP (1st Foreign Parachute Regiment) — which backed the failed 1961 putsch against president Charles de Gaulle and the civilian leadership of Algeria – adopted the song when their resistance was broken. The leadership of the Regiment was arrested and tried but the non-commissioned officers, corporals and Legionnaires were assigned to other Foreign Legion formations. They left the barracks singing the song, which has now become part of the French Foreign Legion heritage and is sung when they are on parade.
from :,_je_ne_regrette_rien


Works in english, too:

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Avatar blowjobs on the other hand…


Wait, so the most famous French military unit currently uses a song that they adopted when trying to overthrow the rightly elected government? No wonder they keep those guys out of the country.

That’s one obscure reference. I like it.

I too need a beer for my face.

I have a mouth though, so I can scream just fine.

Speaking of Nolan films, from the look of her left hand, she might also remember Sammy Jenkins.

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