Watch French Army perform Daft Punk medley they played for Trump and Macron on #BastilleDay

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Those French are really knocking it out’a the ball park!


Wow. Daft Punk has arrived. This is a far cry from when I was listening to Music and Around the World.

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger is a staple with the kiddo in the car.

Love these two gals’ routine.

Though is “Up all Night to Get Lucky” really Trump appropriate?




Trump probably thinks Daft Punk is someone Gene Hackman punched in a movie once.

Someone please tell the French that the Obama age is over, done, kaputt, fini.

The performance was impressive, but even more impressive, and moving, was the same Fanfare Interarmées previously playing Nissa Bella, the hymn of the city of Nice, as an homage to the victims of last year’s attack.

It was “Okay”…but frankly most any random high school marching band in the USA is better.

Yeah? Well let’s see how well that high school marching band does with something like storming a hijacked plane?


How, that’s pretty clever choreography.

I prefer the Steam Powered Giraffe cover to the original -

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Interesting. That one guy has a nice slouch hat.

Question - and this is for science - which version did you hear first, Daft Punk or Steam Powered Giraffe?

How appropriate. Daft Punk for a daft punk!

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I can see two scenarios here:

  1. High school marching band is armed to the teeth because they are sponsored by the NRA.
    (You said “storm the plane”. You didn’t say “get the hostages out unharmed”.)

  2. High school marching band is really, really bad. After two hours of heavily distorted versions of popular tunes from the hijacker’s cultural background they give up and beg for mercy.
    However, some of the hostages sue the band for damages.

That’s why you leave things like that to the pros. We make fun of the French for surrendering so quick in WWII, but their special forces are pretty ballsy.

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SPG - in general I consider them to be really quite talented. I must admit I listen more to Abney Park, especially when doing physical work around the house/garden.

See my friend had this theory, and thus far I can’t find evidence to contradict it. And even if I do, it has to be a small minority compared to the overall results.

His theory is that if a song as two or more versions, you will tend to like the one you heard FIRST the most. Not which was made first, necessarily. The one you heard first.

I can’t for the life of me find an example where I disagree with that. There are some samples where I have very similar like for both, but I can’t find an example where the 2nd version I heard turned out to be my favorite.

Your SPG was interesting, but I could never see it replace the original as my favorite.

I find this to not only be accurate, but that it even applies when both version are from the same band, be it a re-recording or live performance.

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