Trump demands expensive military parade


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Here in Delaware we generally bring in the Hummers parade on a low budget, with a level of taste, sophistication and political correctness that I think might be appropriate.


Is the parade before or after the shutdown ?


Will he wear the obligatory uniform full of medals he didn’t earn? “This one is for bone spurs, that one is for banging those models in Latvia, this one Putin gave me for not making weewee again, this one is actually for Melania for sleeping with me once to father Barron, she liked it so much she gave it back to me, this one that looks like a black hole is for the largest single loss of points in a single day on the DOW. This one Pence gave to me to ward away demons and hookers, this one is something I found in my cereal box, this one is for the largest number of bankruptcies for a sitting president, a record.”



Ok. In all seriousness beyond the small military unit representation in parades for holidays (4th, Memorial Day, etc) which have other non military groups in them. Has the US ever done a military only parade?! Like this is dictator level shit here no???


Well, they should use all those millions left over from his inaugural fund nobody will say what happened to.


What, like this one?


Dictator, Fearless leader… take your pick. We have fucking become a banana republic.
I will leave the table flipping gif to you.


The Memorial Day parades I remember from my childhood in our small college town were strictly military. But they aren’t any more, there are now firefighters and po-po and lots of others marching.


It’ll be about as well attended as his inauguration.





This short interlude of hope and joy has been brought to you by SpaceX.


I truly hope the day never comes when either one of those actually hinges on an overpriced car commercial.


They could have the same few groups of people and the same equipment just circle around a few times, I doubt he’d be able to tell the difference.


Do other democracies have military parades? Is it just France?



And right at the climax, they can fire a giant, spooge-coloured firework from the top of the Washington monument.