Trump's military parade will cost $10M-$30M


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Trump’s self-aggrandizing military parade, with flown-in tanks rolling down the streets of

“Cleanup on aisles 2-6 please”

ed: Oop! Looks like it’s cleaned up.


So, is the parade self-aggrandizing?:rofl:


The fiscally conservative party, folks.


Aaaand what is the original source of all this pullquotage? 'Cause I can’t send anyone a link to this BB trainwreck.

ETA: fixed!


Ugh - are we still doing this?


Perhaps he can get some WW2 German reenactment groups to do it for free. /s


A variance in range 200% greater than the base number? Mick Mulvaney the guy who dropped the suit against a predatory payday lender who contributed to his campaign is not only a corrupt and seedy piece of shit, as the White House budget director he’s also an incompetent tool.


here’s the original source (I think)


Fixed this: (Mulvaney) said "it’s “between 10 and 30 depending on the length” of the dick.

“Mulvaney added that these funds were not included in the $4.4 trillion budget proposed to congress as it was a “last minute” request.” -Axios



I expect that number doesn’t include the subsequent anticipated costs of fixing all the streets destroyed by tanks and other heavy equipment driving over them?

That really can’t be repeated enough.

Presumably that represents a range of parade options that involve more or fewer tanks, etc. (Guess which option Trump will pick?)

Authoritarian self-aggrandizing? Of course Trump is set on doing this.




I’m sure that some CSA reenactment groups are already asking if they can join in.


He can pay in cash, up front.


First of all, this parade of military might idea is an abomination, and I hope and pray it dies a quiet death in Trump’s head. If it actually goes ahead, this had better be paid for by Trump’s missing leftover inauguration funds, and not a penny by taxpayers.

Finally, if it does go ahead, I want every one of our disabled veterans from the Middle East Forever War to be placed proudly, right in the front. Let the American people see just a tiny bit of the misery that their apathy toward this war has caused.


That number is complete and utter bullshit. It would cost more than that to fly Trump’s cabinet to DC.




Whoa, hold up! This estimate is way low. They forgot the gold plating that’ll be added to the tanks, and not just the outside, either.


Ten-twenty mil? Meh! Isn’t that what a few weekend Mar-A-Lago boondoggles cost us?


You, sir, win the internet for that.