Trump's military parade planned for Veterans' Day. No tanks. And, no thanks


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What? No tanks? Are we to lay down in front of a Humvee?


Perhaps they’ll do without horses as well.


Troops will wear uniforms dating back to 1776 as they march from the WH to the Capitol on Veteran’s Day.

How much do you want to bet that he’ll want the Civil War uniforms to be gray?


It would enrage him to no end if the TV networks were to refuse to cover it.

Fox of course will cover it like the second coming of Jeebus. But it would be the ultimate snub.


Pathetic creep has astro-turf on his bald head and thinks that makes up for a shiny empty head, now we got a pointless expensive parade as another substitute for a shortage of his. Can’t congress just say no, we’re not pissing more money away. Maybe 45 want’s to be one of those douche-bags with the big hair hat marching in front of it all playing with his little baton. You know what trump, just fuck you a bunch and your pitiful parades as well. Wanna be a leader? Grow a pair and show compassion for Dreamers or work on real health care concerns, hire someone with a brain and work on making an accord north Korea. Just quit with the falsies already…Asshole.


On the bright side: every dollar spent and every hour wasted on this parade represents resources that aren’t being spent on slaughtering peasants across the world.


I only wish that were true. This is an extra cost.


There is plenty of marching music that would be great for this parade. This comes to mind…


Donnie wants to be the Grand Marshall of his self-indulgent military parade, leading the procession on the back of an ICBM à la Slim Pickens.


I hope he’s standing with his hands in view at all times. Because you just KNOW he’s going to have a little throbbing erection to contend with and want some relief.

I suppose we should have some sympathy. It’s probably the only way he’s able to achieve orgasm at this stage in his life.


Isn’t he supposed to be at some summit conference overseas on that day? Does the White House have anyone left maintaining his calendar? It’s likely that Google Calendar is too difficult for him.


Or maybe…



That was a bomb dropped from a plane, not a ballistic missile.
That being said, I’d love one of the air elements of the parade to be a group of B-52s flying at ‘fryin’ chickens in the barnyard’ level.
It’s all a big farce by now, so why not embrace the crazy and have fun with it?


Never enough Laibach in the world.


The parade is dumb, however, it sounds like (in addition to no tanks) that the spectacle will lean a lot on military history, with period uniforms, as well as demonstrating the integration of women among the ranks.

Certainly not what Trump had in mind and I wonder if the organizers are designing this to be in the least way possible a show of force. The air show at the end is just a little something to put a smile on Donnie’s face when he’s squeezing his teddy bear at nap time.

Bottom line- I can’t wait for 45’s reaction if/when he’s a little underwhelmed. First he’ll tweet something benign enough, “Great job armed forces” before letting something loathsome fly at 3am, “we couldn’t even beat France with those corny outfits. More Nukes!”


Mess with his plans. Have a bunch of folks dress as Trump & Stormy Daniels impersonators & join the parade.


Current sustaining fantasy: The military sneaks in jabs to “cadet bone spurs.”


I can think of some appropriate marches, but I doubt Trump would get the joke.