Comedian David Cross lampoons anti-maskers

Here in Japan, over 90% of people mask up indoors, and even a good 80% wear masks outdoors. The numbers are slightly lower for small children, but kids in elementary school are expected to mask up as well. Someone not wearing a mask on a train would get stares.

I don’t like taking the mask off and putting it back on, so I just wear it all the time except when in my home. It’s just a normal part of my attire at this point.


I live in a very red state and I rarely see a mask being worn. That said, no one gives anyone any hell for wearing them, so there’s that at least. Take the wins where we can get them!


Folks with more time might ‘enjoy’ the Death Panel podcast’s end-of-year review of the ‘year of the social construction of the end of the pandemic.’ It’s a maddening and sobering reminder of the failure of our leadership to put human life above profit, and a reminder that you’re NOT the deluded one if you’re still distancing, masking, and avoiding large indoor gatherings. All those dipshits in the movie theaters and dance clubs and maskless on your airplane ride have been fed a line by creeps who value the economy more than human life.


The phrasing is awkward, but that’s Cross’s point too. “… things equal to or greater than the physical and mental pain and suffering experience while wearing a mask while shopping.”


Yeah, I was being silly. I’m a very good joke teller. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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