Comic strip has its finale every day

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And the comments are different every day!


somewhere, berke breathed and bill watterson are crying.


With the long grind of this daily strip behind him, I’m hoping Scully at least revives his “Special Holiday Instalment Every Sunday” color strip.


Jim Davis is probably thinking “Amateur…”


And the best thing is Davis (a former advertising worker) isn’t somebody who has become jaded over time – from interviews he explicitly says that he planned out Garfield from the beginning as what would sell – he needed a marketable character, and he felt that dogs were overrepresented in the comics already, so he went for a cat. And he noticed people liked comics that didn’t surprise people so he purposely created a set of gags (Garfield steals lasagna, Garfield complains about Mondays) that could be repeated over and over with very little variation.


I am obviously not the target audience for this strip, although for the life of me, I really can’t figure out who is.

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The best Facebook community ever.

That was honestly disappointing. I was hoping the artist would change the ending everyday. New Characters and/or an actual event that is different. It’s like a great idea that was wasted by laziness.

There seems to be some consistent griping about this strip taking precedence over other material on GoComics potentially much more deserving of attention. Sort of a valid point, that.

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