Garfield comic creator clears up 34-year-old dog semen confusion

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My girl used to eat kebabs and all the spicy veg in them. I imagine she’d eat pretty much anything if in the mood. She just pretends to be picky as a form of controlling behaviour.

She’d absolutely eat lasagne if the mood took her


Your girl being your cat, right?


Makes a lot more sense than getting pregnant from drinking something. The vet is merely indicating that Jon (a human male), who, presumably, is already pregnant with dog pups, will have a vibrant and healthy litter. Now this is perfectly logical to me!


My current cats (foster fails, my wife use to foster kittens for a local shelter, she saved 201 of them with a mere 3 foster fails)…where was I? Ah yes, they have a fancy salmon/mackerel cat food kibble blend. They also like a specific low-end junk food treat. If you try to feed them anything else they assume you are trying to poison them.

Which would be funny except occasionally it is hard to get the food they will eat. So far I have several times tried to transition them by mixing another kibble in, only to have them carefully sort out the two kibbles and leave the offending one outside the bowl.

Ah well, we are at least past (I hope) the worst of the supply chain disruptions so it is less likely I’ll have to figure out how to keep these cats form starving themselves to death (actually easy: just feed them only treats, which may not be great for their long term health, but beats watching them starve to death)


Well, this means that even the one Garfield strip I thought was kinda sorta funny is in fact NOT funny, because of a technicality.


I guess it’s good news if you missed it, but that interview is from seven years ago? Simpler times.

(I thought Buzzfeed was another one of those organizations that had been completely gutted and was now only barely sputtering along these days.)

I think I would have gone to possible urine for a pregnancy test. Already tested by the response. Classic gag of lemonade/juice/urine.

Thank you. I did not understand the comic or the explanation in the article. Thank you for clearing this up for me.


It’s extra funny because Garfield, as he notes, hates puppies. /s


I honestly don’t know if you are being sincere or snarky here :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Thanks for helping research the question - ‘was Garfield ever funny?’

I think we have a new data point that 34 years ago it was still crashingly unfunny.

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doth protest too much, methinks


Well, I’m glad they finally cleared that up, when a joke has to be explained, it’s much funnier. Not that any of the possible interpretations of the joke really make any sense or are funny, though the dog semen version is probably the closest, because at least there’s a certain transgressive, unexpected shock with that one.

No. Sorry Jim Davis, you’re wrong, yes I know you’re the one who wrote it but in this case you are mistaken, because it’s the only way it’s funny.

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And why would dog semen or a protein supplement for a pregnant animal be sitting in a coffee mug on the exam table anyway?

I always assumed that Liz was just taking the piss with Jon as a way of getting him to stop drinking her coffee. And him drinking from her mug without consent is grosser than dog semen.

I hate this sort of retconning. Jon swigged mutt nut, and that’s that.


Death of the author - JD wrote what he wrote, and if we read that as semen then he’s failed to communicate that in the original text.

Yikes that’s a weirder example than “is farenheight 451 about censorship or the dumbening down of society?”

If you have to explain why it’s not funny then it’s funny.