Comics Rack: December's best comic books


I’m guessing that the Gemma Correll book isn’t actually available yet? Not on her Amazon or tumblr.

I’ve been enjoying the Star Wars comic which started this year, the one set in the immediate aftermath of A New Hope. Seeing Princess Leia as a badass X-Wing pilot full of anger and sorrow is really great.

I don’t think I have room in my apartment for half of PictureBox’s stock.

I picked it up at Needles and Pens in SF, so it’s out there, somewhere.

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The earliest Peanuts strips were surprisingly dark and existential. Some of them are like “Nietzsche Family Circus.”

♬ She would love to do things to that girl
That Charles M. Schulz can’t print ♬

They won’t be able to get some quick cash from Shia for infringement?

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