Comics Rack: Januray's best comic books


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Great, more awesome comics to add to the pile of stuff that I haven’t gotten around to reading yet. THANKS!

(no really, thanks)

Can’t recommend Brandon Graham enough. His King City pulls off the amazing trick of being crammed full of detail (and incredible visual/textual puns) without seeming crowded, and his reboot of Prophet is just amazing, especially given that it was originally a Rob Liefeld book. (I know.)


Brandon Graham’s stuff is just brilliant… His blog is extremely entertaining as well, for some weird reason that’s how I managed to get to know his stuff.

I have such a soft spot for that Brandon Graham poster. It’s sortof modeled off of this block in vancouver that I would frequent. RX comics is a good shop.

As someone who has lived and worked in the City of Brotherly Love for over 25 years, I have to say your definition of ‘more comic book stores than it needs’ is kind of odd. Back in the 80s and early 90s, Fat Jacks was pretty much the only game in town. Brave New Worlds is a great shop, but it’s all the way down in Old City, far, far away from the University city area. Ultimately, the idea that 5 or 6 shops is enough to support a city of 1.5 Million says more about the comics hobby, perhaps.

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