Make this display frame that holds 10 comic books


This is great, and they look really nice. I use Ikea clip displays to hang up my comics. They’re a good size, and they’re easy to open. They’re not quite as artsy as frames like this, but they work well.

Thanks! I’d like to do something like this for select issues from my Astounding-Analog collection.

I like the part where you open the frame and then read the comics. People always forget about that part.


You are a genius! Too bad I would probably have to cover all the walls of my apartment to display just my singles and don’t even get me started on the collected TPBs…

There’s a saying I like in relation to non-graphic novels, but sounds like it’s equally true in your collection’s case.
“Books breed like rabbits; shelves breed like elephants.”

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Neat! Nicer than my “chuck it into a binder” that I’m currently doing with my favorite singles. This would be almost perfect for my run of Solo (12 oversized issues are probably too much for a single frame).

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