Coming soon: The Very Large Hadron Collider?


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“Coming soon” means “coming no less than 20 years from now” and that only if the science funding situation improves dramatically. In the states we’re barely scraping by keeping the accelerators we have open, doing admittedly less sexy but no less important intermediate energy particle physics. It’s not all about the high energy frontier! I bet (and hope) that the ILC and EIC will get funded first.

There’s a kind of electronic device called a buffer amplifier. National Semi introduced an improved version called a Fast Buffer Amplifier back in the 70s, or so. After a while they came up with another version that was so much faster that the design engineer called them “Damn Fast Buffer Amplifiers”. Somehow that name got through marketing and made it to the published data sheets.

It would collide protons at energies around 100 teraelectronvolts (TeV)

Well then, the Europeans could finally surpass the plans for the (cancelled in '93) Desertron.

“You’ve hardly even USED your LHC. And now you want a BIGGER ONE?! Not this Christmas, children. Santa knows you haven’t been THAT good.”

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It’s the only way to ensure that our God Particle is bigger than their God Particle.

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Mr. President, we must not allow a God Particle gap!


Remember, it’s not the size of your Hadron that matters, it’s how you use it.

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