Coming soon to New York, an underground park: The Lowline

Hopefully there will be less ‘buddhist monk’ scammers

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It greatly depends on how well off you are. Also, we should talk about those apartments on Friends…


Makes me think of this:

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No. They should first reopen the tunnel connecting Penn Station to Bryant Park.

Isn’t the LowLine less of a “park” and more of a tool for businesses, property values, and accelerating gentrification in the neighborhood? I wonder what its demographics will be when (if?) they finish.

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With the rising ocean waters (fact), hurricanes that hit New York City (fact), and overall bad weather that rains so much that parts of NYC floods (fact)… Building an underground park is rather ludicrous!

Elevation Map of Mathattan, NY:

You’ll see the elevation around the Williamsburg Bridge is between 6 feet to 10 feet high. And you build an underground park which means you are now -2 feet to 0 feet above sea level. Add that to all the natural disasters that hit NYC… Brilliant!



Or Underground Montreal.

on the other hand was “created” rather quickly.

How much snow/miserable weather from Fall to Early spring in New York?

There are cold cities that have interconnected retail/commercial spaces underground that suit the local environment and are hugely successful. You could probably put this park in Montreal and have it work quite well as it would integrate into the existing infrastructure.

As for New York I really don’t know enough to predict depressing dystopian installation vs happy underground par.


I’d say these days December through late March are no fun. But, given that the subways aren’t heated in any manner, I suspect this park would be just fine with a simple door.

Meh, not that many natural disasters. We’re not at risk for earthquakes, tornadoes, volcanoes, it’s only large winter storms and hurricanes. Given that this wouldn’t be anywhere near Williamsburg, which is in Brooklyn, but in Manhattan and likely to have a door to keep rain out in the first place, it’s less of a concern.

It’s not the 1 line down at South Ferry, it’s not the PATH train, right next to the Hudson, it’s like any other basement in town and not as prone to flooding as you suggest.


Ah, so that is what the Ork Underground in Shadowrun is based on! I didn’t know…


you mean those really big ones that supposedly low-income singletons can somehow afford, down the street from central park?


And before you know it: Morlocks.

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Now that’s an aged reference right there, friend.

I cant wait to see this technology show up in fallout shelters.

Subway cars are heated. Subway platforms are heated by the bodies of the madding crowd.

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