New Yorkers *just* missing the subway

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It happens in any city with a rail transit system. I moved from Austin, Texas (Y’all) to DC about 4 years ago. From a mostly no-transit state to DC. I love living in a city with a Metro transit system!

Yes, it is very frustrating to miss a train by seconds BUT there are apps that will tell you the status of every train in the Metro system. Most of them are very accurate.

So I think Doctorow deserves a big “fuck you” for sending the message that cooperative mass transit is somehow nothing more than frustration.

Fuck you Cory.

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Lighten up friendo.


I preferred the original headline: Common Event Occurs, Caught on Film.


Hey, life in New York generally is hard. Especially on the upper West Side.

I do not think Cory made this video. But I was annoyed by its apparent joy in mocking the misfortune of others. Is it that hilarious to see somebody who thinks their day is ruined - even if they’re wrong, and it’s not?

When I was in High School I got a summer job working at the US Open in Flushing Meadows Park (next to Shea Stadium) in Queens. I would take the Number 7 train home. There was a big long ramp up to the subway platform that was built for the World’s Fair in the 1960’s. It was as wide and long as a football field (in my memory anyway). At the end of one long day I was walking slowly up the ramp, exhausted. There was a train at the top but I was too tired to run for it. Dozens of people were passing me by and squeezing onto the train before the doors closed. I didn’t give a bleep. I just trudged slowly up the ramp. I was about 20 feet away and everyone else was on the train but the doors didn’t close. I got hopeful that I would make it. The doors stayed open until I had one foot and one arm through and then shut like a trap. I got scared that they were going to drag me along the tracks (it’s happened). I started flailing around and looking back and forth panicking. After he figured I had suffered enough, the conductor opened the doors and let me on.
(bastard :slight_smile:) BTW NYC Subway Train doors are not like elevator doors. They will not open if you stick something in. They are under manual control.


I actually root for anyone I see running to make their bus or train.

Too bad those GPS apps and maps can’t account for unexpected variables like medical emergencies, technical malfunctions and people in front of you who walk like turtles…


Those ain’t New Yorkers. Those are people who are visiting New York. New Yorkers put an arm, a foot, bag, anything, they don’t let that train roll. It happens so much they have signs and have public service announcements over the intercom about it.


Would you say that you’re disappointed in BoingBoing?


I’m with Jay on this one…
friends tell me new york has changed since i moved away. they tell me leshkos is now a duane reade and that mother/bar room is a shoe boutique. but i refused to believe that the city really has changed.
this video really hits home. those people are what pass for new yorkers now? people who stop when faced with a closing subway car door? new york is dead to me, dead i tell you!


I really feel for these people, but I also envy them having the subway. I’ve had to wait for buses in torrential rain and had drivers blow right past me.

Once a nice guy in a car gave me a lift–he saw the bus leave me and drove me until we caught up with it.



Is now a good time to tell you about the tokens?


oh god no, now what?
i know it’s an immutable law of new york that a pizza slice costs the same as a subway token. so that one is safe.
what can it be? you can no longer use subway tokens to buy weed? as if.


My Roosevelt Island cable car token is still good, right?


Good news: Pizza is now a dollar.

Bad news: No more tokens, Metrocards.

Middlin’ news: Metrocards cost a dollar but the fare is $2.75.

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Not since they replaced it with Spiderman money.

Why don’t they just push the door open?