Coming to Europe: a lecture tour with Garnet "Disobedient Electronics" Hertz

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Also coming to Edinburgh tomorrow night (Tuesday 26th, 5-6pm, T-Room, Evolution House, West Port)

This project seems really cool (I remember the call for submissions and I actually tried to get a friend to submit his project), but I feel like I’m missing something. Is it really just a zine that was published to 300 people? Wouldn’t you make a bigger impact if this was more accessible?

Unless I’m missing something this is a (necessarily incomplete) listing of subversive technology projects that is nearly inaccessible, right?

It’s a follow up to his previous zine series on Critical Making which is available freely online. I imagine this one will follow suit someday (I hope).

You have a typo (;-)) It’s British Columbia, not Colombia.

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