Comment link absent in full article

For the last few days when I go to a post the link to the comments is missing.
Is this just me?
The U in menu is also partially cut off. Something has changed in the formatting I am not sure how much I my end.

Edit: this is on my iPhone. No idea why it has become my default device to read boingboing but it has.

The menu cutoff is a known issue and will be corrected, but the comments links show for me?

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The comment link disappeared for me, it was one of the ad blocker filters I was using that was doing it. I turned off AdGuard Social Media filter and the comment link came back.
This was on Safari 14 on a MacBook Pro

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I will turn off ad blockers in a sec and see if that was being over zealous.

Argh the ads burn… yes comment link is back. I have no idea why that element would get classified as an ad.

This comes back to the issue that some people around here might pay for ad free access. I will white list it again until I get frustrated with the ads

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“Watch this space.”


Better than asking you why the website wants to shave my balls.


Yup, I’ve got the same issue - ABP is now blocking the comments link.

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Did you try shaving your balls?


Its grabbing the complete line SHARE/TWEET/COMMENTS because of the facebook(share) and twitter links


Ok that makes sense.

Here’s another one - and I don’t see it in the forums either.

ETA found the post here:

But no comment link

This is one I’d love to fix, but I cannot, and the Discourse folks have been unable to, either.

I’m sure they’d appreciate a PR on the project if you can help!

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So the issue is with the plug-in randomly failing?

I’m 90% sure it’s a race condition due to the way Xeni posts (she updates repeatedly), but the Discourse folk have been unable to track down the specific issue. I get a notification most of the time when this happens, but not every time, and there may be a delay between my receiving the notification and taking action to link the Discourse topic (which is created) to the BB post.


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