Commission your own Sweet Valley High portrait


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“Two Boy Weekend”

What in the name of Dog is that about? I ask you!


No thanks; if I really ever felt the inexplicable need, I could create my own cliched wonderbread self-portrait, free of charge.


Ah, but I couldn’t.

I may need to bookmark his site!


I could cut you a deal…



It’s about Double Love, I’m guessing.


Jessica is just looking.


These models do not look like any teens I know, and I am the father of one. Naturally, there is a TV Trope for that.


Not bad.

There’s always my Make Your Own Trixie Belden Cover Generator from 2003.

Since then, they’ve removed the Print function, but otherwise, it still works.


Anthony Head looked absolutely wizened for a 15 year old.

Of course, it often makes sense to use older actors for teen roles because they’re not subject to the child labor rules that complicate a production using child actors. I wouldn’t think that would be an issue sitting for a portrait though.


How about a poll. Who here has had a Two Boy Weekend?


Can we have a cover called “Tainted Love” featuring a Marc Almond look alike in warm leatherette. Please?


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