Little girl plays with a giant fluffy Tibetan Mastiff (video, GIFs)


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Adorable, but entirely ruined by portrait mode video.


Reminds me of when we were kids and used to try to ride our neighbor’s St. Bernard.

He was very patient about the whole business. But then, a child’s weight probably made as much difference to him as an adult’s would to a horse.

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Gee-whiz, even the Tibetan Mastiffs are being crushed by the Chinese.


Our Kangal Dog was the same way with our son, back in the day.

I would haaaate to be the roomba that swept up after that pooch. (Or the person that had to clean the brushes and drive shaft).


Give it a rest, grandpa; video now comes in formats other than 4:3. Also, your 8-track is obsolete.

Please try to keep up.


Hey now, my last car had an honest to FSM 8track, and Herb Alpert never sounded so great. “The President” was an epic ride.

Now back on subject.


Tibetan mastiffs are an extremely expensive status symbol these days, for some wealthy Chinese, with prices reaching from tens of thousands up over a million dollars. (I assume these are for pure bred, but I don’t know how you determine this.) The regular ones you see in Tibet are mean as hell; of course they are tied to a stake for much of their lives and trained to go after approaching strangers…

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The dog’s probably thinking, “Ok, in exchange for me not eating this little…whatever, isn’t it supposed to groom me or clean my teeth or something?”

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I’d assume with a dog like that, the shedding is so bad that you must periodically burn down your house and build a new one atop the ashes.


Yup. My friend has an akita malamute cross, and goes through hoovers like nobody’s business.

All those people who heavily bought into 8-track also said stuff like: “Give it a rest, grandpa. Your … is obsolete.”

There is nothing sacred about 4:3; but framing still counts no matter what proportions you are using.

GIFs 3 and 4 are served fairly well by the portrait orientation; but 1 and 2 crop a whole lot of dog that would have fit into a landscape shot without cutting the kid out.

So the photog should have changed the camera orientation mid-filming? Heresy!

Here’s a suggestion; maybe someone should come up with an app that auto-adjusts the orientation based on the subject. Or to appease all the Luddites, I guess an app could always shoot in widescreen regardless of the orientation of the phone, at the expense of image quality.

Don’t hoover/vacuum except for the finishing touches!

There’s a rubberized broom that looks like a full-sized version of one type of dog brush. Most brands don’t happened to be marketed for pets, but as an example the one below is specifically labeled for picking up fur:

Rigby (for lo, that is his name) would eat that in a new york minute.

LOL! You can’t use any brooms or vacuums when dogs or cats are present, obviously, unless someone is taking a video. In which case: please be kind and turn the phone to the side.

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Oh, he loves his picture took, like. He strikes his special ‘I am sooooo Brave and Handsome’ pose.

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It’s not like the imaging arrays on chips wouldn’t be more efficiently made square, or in deference to optical realities, round. The real problem is that some Google management drone mandated that their player would be horizontal mode only. That doesn’t solve the problem of idiots complaining about portrait mode videos; that’s a job for a baseball bat, a shovel, and a sack of lime.