This smart dog is so excited to go on a walk with his human


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Nothing can reliably improve my mood like a cute doggo video.


Aww :smiley:


That’s a good, good pittie right there.
I’ve got a couple of those too.


smart poochy. i know a few humans that wouldn’t have faired as well.


When it’s time to go my one dog turns into a little bucking horse.


Some friends dropped off a rescue pup for the weekend since they were going out of town. Poor thing is a biter, she must have been abused, scared and skittish. She cried for about 3-4 hours before settling in. I moved slow and just kept praising her and giving her nice ear scratches and neck rubs, before long she was nudging my elbow more! more! Always moved slow and didn’t give her cause to think she was in the least bit threatened. Well except by my similarly sized dog who was quite eager to mount her… oi vey

We were fast friends by the end of the weekend. We have to spell W A L K and I think our dog is catching on…


‘Totes adorbs.’

Good boy, Ziggy.


My pupper can also do such things, but…long ago he realized that playing dumb still got him what he wanted, because I’d always just go get the lead or w/e.

Some days I wonder if my dog believes that I’m a wizard. Other days, I wonder if I’m just a somewhat dim roommate.


Smart dog, stupid vertical-videoing owners. What the fuck is wrong with people?


Phones aren’t built to be held sideways.


I really love Dogs. They help me feel better especially when I’m down or when I’m so energetic. They help boost our mood


“oh, you want my collar? hang on – I’LL BE RIGHT BACK!”


Ziggy shoots horizontal video. Be like Ziggy. Good Boy Ziggy!


I’m wondering why no manufacturers have rotated the camera 90 degrees. Problem solved.


What, and use a fifth of the screen for a viewfinder? No thanks.


I’ve had my new dog for about 5 weeks (Australian Cattle Dog cross if her appearance is anything to go by). 2 weeks ago, she was agitating for play while at the cottage on the porch, and I said “Go into the bedroom and get your green ball”. I’d never said this before. She went into the cottage, pushed open the bedroom door, and brought me her green ball.


That’s the breed. I knew a Aussie Cattle Dog mix of some sort or another that could retrieve at least 20 items by name and color. Nailed it every time. You have a good dog.

Amazon could use them for pickers.


Her profile on the rescue site identified her as a Shepherd cross, and she looks much larger in her photos, but when I first saw her, I immediately thought “Cattle Dog”, and everyone who knows anything about dogs has said the same thing. If I’d known she was a Cattle Dog cross, I would have passed her up (having had an exhaustingly hypervigilant border collie cross in the past, I’m leery of herders, GSD’s excepted), which would have be a big mistake; she is a fabulous dog, although her temperament is not typical Cattle Dog; she is quiet, placid, and fairly low energy.

I’m working on teaching her the names of her toys; gotta keep that herding brain occupied!


The heelers tend to be lower key and just as smart. I have a border collie cross at the moment, and thank heaven her lazy black lab side kicks in after a while. I like the way you talk dog. You really DO have to keep that brain occupied, especially that first year.