This smart dog is so excited to go on a walk with his human


My LG G2 had a “traditional” 3:2 (or so) cam aspect ratio, so even “vertical video” looks nothing like this.


Why does the video stop there? I’d watch the whole walk, this is so fun. What a good boy.


I’m convinced I could probably teach tik to do this, but she’s smart enough to realize she doens’t have to. Mostly she just wnats to hang out. I mean she’s gotten out a couple times and always goes straight to the back porch to hang out on the chairs.

I need to go see Tik when it’s light out.


Why not both? A wizard roomate sounds amazing.


Not if it’s Rincewind from Discworld. He always runs away. And he’s no good at magic.


Aw. Look at him go. Thats a good boy.


iPhones aren’t built to be held sideways and the new one isn’t much of an improvement - where do you hold it?
Sony phones have enough space top and bottom (and virtual buttons) to make sideways easy. Mine even has the shutter button positioned so that in horizontal mode it comes under the right index finger.
So yes, something else to lay at the perfectly clad feet of J Ives.


They don’t have handles. You can hold them in pretty much any orientation.


Up till now both Apple and Samsung have had hardware buttons at the bottom. When on the side, these are rather inaccessible to fingers.
Many Androids have virtual buttons only which rotate with the phone and so can be operated more easily.
You got the opposite effect with 35mm cameras until left hand grips became popular and it was just as easy to hold them vertically.
I have though suggested in the past that the least Apple could do is to have a pop up message in video mode which detects the orientation and reminds users which way round monitors go.


Ziggy, “You’s holdin’ the camera th’ wrong way round, hume-ing!”


Why can’t they just gimble the image sensor so that the longest axis is always horizontal? Or even do a square-format image sensor that’ll crop when you choose the layout?


Gimbling the image sensor would have interesting technical problems, like where do the wires go. But square format? BlackBerry tried it, and those of us who loved our Mamiyas and Bronicas thought it was a good idea. Sadly, very few people did. And with more than 90% of the world’s monitors a long rectangle, it’s not going to change.
But it is interesting how the advent of the laser printer and the LCD monitor have actually reduced the variety of image formats and framing, just as the iPhone has drastically reduced the variety of mobile phones.


That’s part of the problem. No one is shooting video for monitors. It’s all for phone consumption.


Amazing. You’re like the Turing Test!


Except that with the emphasis on being thin and having large screens, phones are just harder to hold horizontally. I mean vertical video bugs me too but I find myself shooting that way when ever I take a quick shot because it’s more convenient and comes naturally. Yes, if you’re going to shoot something that’s meant to be well edited and produced then it should be shot horizontally, but if it’s spontaneous or not initially meant for a wide audience then do whatever.


I think they should always launch video in landscape mode. If you hold the camera vertically for a few seconds, let it rotate into portrait mode, but always start with the suggestion of landscape.

Sometimes just a nudge is all it takes.


Wizard? Maybe it sees you as more of an elf.


DNA tests are kinda’ fun I guess. Between $30+ and $130 or so.


Oh yeah, I was being a little absurd. The answer is software, but you can’t really make a 16:9 camera into a 9:16 camera with software alone.


Well, if he was really smart he’d just get the lead, the coat, and the collar all in the first trip, since he knows he’s going to need them all, rather than wait for his human to call for them one by one.