This smart dog is so excited to go on a walk with his human


A coat for a pittie is a good idea.
Both because they get cold and don’t generally like to get wet, but also we found that one of our dogs had a completely different fan base with his coat on.
The people who liked him with a coat were people more likely to be afraid of pitties.


She’s just about the lowest energy dog I’ve ever had; even the Golden Retrievers and the Lab cross got into mischief. This one? Nothing. An angel.


I’m pondering that. The Cattle Dogs have dingo in them, apparentlly, and that would be cool. There are black and tan dingos, and this one looks much like my dog, although she’s quite overweight (we’re working on that)


Psssh; Ziggy couldn’t care less so long as he gets ‘all the walkies.’


I know how you feel but fighting this one is a losing battle.


Walkies! Walkies!


The ‘spur’ of being allowed to take a dump might provide some incentive.



My understanding is that babies are high in calories.


hmmm; round pig? As opposed to long pig?



Or maybe sidhe? I mean, we’re long lived, and have mysterious powers and technologies, perform strange rites and eat delicious, odd foods not found in nature and of course, we…insist that they keep us company in our nearly incomprehensible society.


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