WATCH: Dogs who wear clothes and walk on two legs


I used to work with several of them.

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Hooray for animal abuse!

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Whoa. B’Boing is knocking it out of the park today with teh cutez0rs.

Though those dogs do have a certain “please, why aren’t any of you helping me?” vibe


Concern trolling or no, I do wonder if you are right. Dancing bears come to mind.

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Oh, this is sick and I’m surprised BB posted this video.

Dogs don’t do this and getting them to wear a dress, sunglasses and walk on their hind legs doesn’t involve love and affection.

Hmmm, you can’t be sure of that.

They may very well love the dogs and train them appropriately. The dogs may very well enjoy playing with their owners like that.

However, I have never seen a happy, dressed-up animal and I do wonder about the training methods required to keep a dog on it’s hindquarters indefinitely.

No, they were probably beaten to within an inch of their lives. Don’t they just have that haunted look that says, “victim of centuries of oppression?” I’m surprised they’re not in gimp suits.

Typical examples of London’s numerous “Whore Dogs”. Time to ban this filth.

Physiologically speaking, that’s gotta be very tough on their joints! They just are NOT designed to sustain that posture for more than a few moments

Bill Murray

The person reefing on the dog’s legs in the first video isn’t being gentle, they were forcing the dog to stay up and keep going. The dog also really doesn’t want to be petted but the handler forces the issue.

Is it brutality? No, but it is maltreatment, probably because the human is collecting money from people to gawk at the walking doggy. The dog in the first video is clearly stressed, not happy to be on display. It’s harder to tell with the second one because the ears and face are obscured by the costume, but I’m betting it wasn’t that “fun” for them either. Anyone who says “You can’t tell” obviously can’t read stress signals from dogs.

Agreed, absolutely. When she yanked on the dogs front legs, and at one point pulled them apart (both at the same time and another time just by grabbing one leg on its own) is actually quite dangerous. You can do life-threatening damage to a dog’s chest in doing that.

I’m no crusader, but this post is truly poor form, BoingBoing.

Yeah, I was picturing shoulder dislocation or radial nerve paralysis from that mishandling too. And you can tell the poor dog was stressed and was asking be be allowed to stand normally and/or get out of that crowd, and instead the handler wrenched it around and forced it to carry on.

Dogs can and will walk on their hind legs of their own free will. Poodles in particular are known for it, but that isn’t voluntary behaviour in the first video, and judging from the accompanying behaviour from the human you know the training methods weren’t gentle. I’m not anti-trick training, by the way, but compare this to dogs who aren’t stressed by being asked to perform:

and you’ll see a big difference in the body language.

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