Community college evicts daycare center to make room for Goldman Sachs

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isn’t it funny that PPPs are often a better deal for the private party of the partnerships? what are the odds in a fair game?

but I’m sure this is only a statistical oddity and will be balanced sooner or later.


Too bad this news didn’t land on Wednesday. Then the observation of not being able to find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy at a community college would have been more apropos.


a former venture capitalist

Once you go to the dark side, you stay there.


Everyone knows you can’t spell “Community” without “Goldman Sachs”.


According to faculty at CCRI, the daycare is being move[d]…

But according to one English professor, they’re being closed. CLOSED!

Naturally, that’s the headline, but it sounds like the school already has a new space for them. Moving is a pain in the ass, but there will still be day care. I think.

Look, if you want to have a room full of whining, privileged children…


When your level of evil is “Cartoon Villainy,” it’s well past time to examine your behavior, and about the right time to bust out the Snidely Whiplash mustache and snickering sidekick so we can get a good melodrama out of it.

The only way to fix you is to break you, I’m afraid.


My wife worked at UCSF just south of downtown san francisco a few years ago. They are building a big medical research/hospital complex down there. At the time it was half a dozen super premium university research buildings and a gym/community center with a rooftop pool and cavernous lobby. Out in the back of one of these, next to two construction sites in a small parking lot they had two or three portables, and a fenced off square of asphalt with some plastic toys. That was their, very hard to get into, daycare center. I was just in SF this year, they have a giant hospital building and two more research buildings… and the same portables in the parking lot for the toddlers.

America doesn’t give much of a crap about its kids.


Moved where, though? Is it a better and more convenient space…or was the better and more convenient space given to the financiers?


It looks like you are missing a closing < / em > tag there somewhere.

OK, it’s a Goldman Sachs partnership. Ew. But it’s also a community college with limited space trying to offer a small business program in a state where the economy has sucked for a decade. If Goldman was smart, they’d helped the small business running the daycare with the move and make sure the new space met or exceeded the old one.

I won’t hold my breath.


That was the only space they had available [at CCRI’s Knight Campus] and we’re working hard to develop a new spot.

Sounds like it’s still up in the air.

Hopefully it will not be near the Goldman area - wouldn’t want the kids to get cooties.

Oh I dunno, maybe they could give the little bastards some LBO coloring books or something.

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As a form of civil disobedience they should show up with the kids and have the day care in the same office while the Goldman Sachs “sacks” are working there. It might be fun.


Times are tough!

If we don’t support Goldman Sachs with bailout after bailout, tax breaks, an occasionally tossing toddlers out onto the street, we might lose them!

Can you imagine a world without Wallstreet?!?



I don’t understand the connection between Goldman Sachs’s involvement and any kind of benefit for someone trying to start a small business.

Maybe if you start out with 30-50 million dollars GS might be interested in seeing if you can make them some money.


Daycare at CCRI to close next month

The Providence Center operates the Imagine Preschool in two classrooms, serving 36 children, in the college’s Knight Campus in Warwick, said Owen Heleen, a spokesman for The Providence Center. Four of the preschooler’s parents are CCRI students and one is the child of a CCRI faculty member, he said.

I’d be more inclined to think that this was a critical resource if it served more CCRI students, faculty and staff.

It would be interesting to survey parents at CCRI and discover their daycare arrangements.

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Less cynically, there’s money to be made in servicing small businesses, though the cost of capital may be a factor.


Probably serving as business ethics mentors.

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