Companies using new billing strategy to get you to pay sooner?

I’ve noticed a change in billing due dates from several companies I have accounts with. Used to be they gave you a bill due date, and then if you were late beyond that date they applied the usual litany of punishment, fines and interest.

But now I am seeing a bill due date a week or more ahead of the prior due date, with the new earlier due date displayed prominently on the bill, and the old due date, now a “late” date hidden tiny fine print. This late due date is the same date its always been due.

But now as the early bill due date approaches I get an increasingly alarming series of email and or text warnings that my bill is coming due, and god forbid I wait till closer to the actual due date, the company goes ape-shit crazy with messages telling me my payment is late and my service will be cut off. WTF?

Is this some kind of inverted loss prevention scheme, like some genius manager figured out if they could get everybody to pay their bill a week earlier the company would do X-better?

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