Compare the short film 'Whiplash' to the feature 'Whiplash', shot by shot

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Shucks, can’t seem to find this as a .gif.


Am I the only one left rather cold by the film?

Just the central idea (SPOILERS): the antagonist is purportedly driven by a desire for total perfection in music - that’s the very core of the plot. And then he deliberately sabotages his own concert in Carnegie hall (or where ever it was) for petty personal revenge?


No you are not! This viewer was similarly perplexed by the plaudits heaped upon what seemed a very dull, overfamiliar story and predictable scenery-chewing by the drill sergeant stereotype. Plus you make a very good point re. that particular nonsensical plot element.

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Jesus that bass player in the short has no idea what he’s doing.


I thought it was a brilliant comment on the self destruction inherent in perfectionism. The only thing he cared about was overcoming perceived limitations. Both characters ‘win’ in the end, the protagonist overcomes through his perseverance and the antagonist manages to force him to.

The path one takes to perfection is unimportant and ultimately the character of the person is merely window dressing, the motivation to overcome limitations is not bound by good or evil or any such emotionality, even though it may be driven by it.

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