Concert: Kíla - Live at Vicar Street

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I’d like to suggest that you search out the band Moving Hearts, then.

this is all part of the post-pop American euro-culture movement that began in the 80’s w bands like Dead Can Dance and evolved through River Dance, and people like Rachid Taha…

I saw them in Dolan’s in Limerick 2-3 years ago on a brief period home, I had previously turned my nose up at them having never heard them properly and associating with crusty music from Galway for some reason, they were prominent on the local circuit a small bit before I hotness involved with the irish music scene and I wasn’t mostly concerned with hardcore, noise and experimental music at the time. But after 5 years away I’d started giving trad a proper go , got deep into planxty and some others. A friend got two free tickets from mick Dolan for women reason and I’d only a few day days left before my flight to the Nordics. I’m building up a story, that I can’t deliver on, the gig was great and they were absolutely blood class!

Thanks for sharing both story and link.
I nearly forgot about them for a while. Will add them to one of my playlists, alongside Duke Special maybe.

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“I received a letter from my mother. It explained that the she’d come by a coupon”


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