Up and coming bands and music

I’m always after interesting new music. Wide range of likes, blues, jazz, rock, country … name it, if it’s interesting, I like it! Keen to hear about up and comers (in terms of music, not necessarily commercial success).

For instance, Vintage Trouble out of L.A. Saw them, fantastic live performance. Jezebel Sextet from London, amazeballs. I’m leaning more to liking bands that push themselves forward rather than label-driven stuff. Polymaths, maybe.

Disclosure: I’m nothing whatsoever to do with the music business. Just want more music!

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Full disclosure, I do now work in the music biz, but that said…I’ll disclose anything I’m working on…btw, I can’t put more than two links in here for some reason.

I saw a few artists I have nothing to do with in Dublin this past weekend that I thought were great.

Katie Kim
Bill and Murray (good or bad SEO?)

Others I like:
My friend Jake Smith aka White Buffalo
JJ Rosa who I like a lot (they are going to be huge - in a good way): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txKQmxKQLtw
Rebekka Karijord
First Aid Kit

One act I am working with…that I like a lot, The Guilty One’s: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7o3I-kNItoM

Album drops soonish


Lovin’ on JJ Rosa and First Aid Kit (feeling more rather than less raucous this morning)! JJ can play guitar.

Thanks for those - I love that they all actually play - I will seek them.

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