Generic Music Thread


We’ve already got a bunch of themed music threads: the covers thread, the uplifting-old-school thread, the autobiographical thread, etc.

But sometimes I just wanna post a song because it’s good and I’m listening to it, and it doesn’t always fit one if those othèr threads.

So, this one: this is the music-with-no-excuse thread. If you like it, post it.


Just to get it started:

Quintessential Smiths. Smart but mocking on the top, with incredible musical ability underneath.



OK, if the theme is what song has been – ahem – resonating with you lately:

It was off to the side one day on YouTube and I was like holy crap, I remember that.


Something to wash out the stench of the debate.


“I wanna do right, but not right now…”


Feeling folky today.


Can’t find any good Youtube for these guys, but there’s a full album streamable song-by-song at

Trouble in the Kitchen; best Irish band in Australia. Tracks #3 and #5 are highlights.


These guys need more exposure:



Acoustic techno…



Obsessing on this one lately:


Who says electronic musicians can’t do a good live show?


I love me some retro invented-TV-theme instrumental funky fun, I do.
It helps that the video is lovable and hilarious.
###Guest starring Orson Welles as The King of Space!


I’ve been on an M83 kick after seeing the trailer for A Monster Calls, which featured this gorgeous tune of theirs:


Here’s some Chumbas.


Couple of days ago was working late and wanted to chill, dug out Dub Side of the Moon. Has been in my head since. Love the lighter and bubbling bong on ‘Money’.


Tengger Cavalry. :metal: