Condoleezza Rice, surveillance and torture fan, joins Dropbox board



Dropbox.... You have a war criminal in your organization

My never-quite-stomped-enough inner optimist hopes that, at least, this development might move at least one person to STOP STORING SENSITIVE DATA ON DROPBOX, DAMN IT. NO, I DON’T CARE HOW CONVENIENT IT IS THAT IT SYNCS WITH YOUR IPAD.

Words can barely express my loathing for what uses I’ve seen dropbox put to(and not just by people handling their own data… People, amazingly, don’t get any more competent about information security just because they go from storing their selfies to storing your medical records.)


Wow. Looks like I’ve cancelled my Dropbox subscription just in time. I’ve been running my own ownCloud install for six months now, and it’s been great!


Everyone could have anticipated that Condi Rice would use her “security credentials” to profit in the private market place.

Personally I would look to see where Richard Clarke landed. Him I trust.


Beyond fucking satire. No, really.


Presumably Condi’s advice on “international expansion” will be to invade foreign competitors.


I’ve heard that Amazon S3 has WMDs… And charges an amazingly low monthly fee per megaton and PUT request…


That, or use cloud encrypting software with 64 random-character passwords. And Lastpass.

/BTSync rocks too!

//Came here to say something about how clueless Condi Rice is about Russian Studies, but never mind.
///Agreed: she should be prosecuted as a war criminal.


Is it just me, or is that a slightly odd job for someone like her? Has she fallen from grace?


She’s sitting on the Board of Directors, which, depending on the company, can be an incredibly undemanding job.


Still not as bad as John “SURE torture’s legal!” Yoo teaching the next generation of legal minds at U.C. Berkeley.


Deleted my account. Didn’t have much on there beyond RPG game book pdfs to share with my players, but it’s the principle of the thing.


Huh. I was discussing paid cloud storage today at work. I was leaning towards Dropbox because the client has worked flawlessly for years on my personal machines.

Condi on Board could be a dealbreaker.


I have stopped using Dropbox because of this and some changes they made to the user agreement, I find Copy to be a great alternative

Here are some others


Condi still really hopes that you’ll refrain from impugning her integrity. She just doesn’t appreciate attacks on her integrity, implied or otherwise.


Might go back to rsync


What about the many deadly embassy attacks that occurred on her watch?


I share your distain for them.

I’d rather lose everything I’ve ever made than use dropbox for my own stuff. I’ve put client’s things on there if they want me to, but that’s it.


Want to see something funny? There was an Australian TV show called The Chaser’s War On Everything which sent their guys to the US to make fun of Yoo. He showed up in Yoo’s class wearing the hood and in the pose made infamous by the leaked torture photos, and made an absolute mockery of the guy.

They then went to Cheney’s house dressed as Barney to demand royalties for their music being used to torture people at Guantanamo. Secret service eventually showed up, so they recorded their faces for us all to see.

If you get a chance it’s well worth watching everything they do, but a lot of it is obviously Australia-centric

PS: The other moment of glory (which they were taken to court over - and won) was making a fake Canadian motorcade which gained entry into the the APEC meeting where Bush was. Not only is this funny because Canada is not an APEC member, but added hilarity ensues because inside one of them was dressed as Bin Laden. So. Damn. Funny.


So… that would be a mushroom cloud service?