Confession: You can't trust a junkie with a new laptop


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I found myself quickly getting attached to this thing, and hating myself for it.

You’d think that as an owner of a Macbook that this experience would be familiar.


I bought my kids Razer laptops when they went off to college, because they provided the best balance of cost, quality and function that I could find.

This had the unintended side effect of making my kids tech “cooler” than that of their peers. Macs and Thunkpods are apparently passé with the younger crowd.


I hear Windows 98 is making a come back.


Only Second Edition is worth the pain.




Ooh, I’ve got a better solution for that! Just buy one for the US, and one for Canada…


I wasn’t expecting the review to delve into the personal like this. I’m pleasantly surprised!


laptop’s industrial design is what Apple might have come up with if their design department had a shred of edge or attitude.

Dude. It looks exactly like the new MacBook Pros.


yep, yep, the quick high of consumerism and getting the newest s h i n y ! thing that we so, so
-‘Life is short, right’-
should get, because…
… (well, why the hell not, I work hard, like … sometimes, yes?)

I’m currently debating with myself too to spend several hundred dollars on an item that I objectively do not need, but so, so would want.



What are you talking about? They look totally different!



Woot, more barely-passive-aggressive anti-Apple stuff from Seamus, what a shocker! Despite the fact that Apple is probably the most privacy-respecting big tech company out there, which I would think given bb’s themes, would generally be seen as a positive.


Actually, I love Apple hardware. I use a MacBook Pro, iPhone 7 Plus and an iPad Pro. I use them daily. But enjoying the hardware that a company makes doesn’t disallow for criticism of that company. It also doesn’t keep one from seeing the benefits/problems in other platforms.


I appreciate that perspective, and hope that more balanced tone makes it into more of your writings! :kissing_heart:


The title inspired visions of a laptop being loaned to a junkie who then sells it for drugs.


I am in the process of downsizing and getting ready to sell the house we’ve lived in for the past 20 years. It’s unbelievable the amount of stuff one acquires without thinking. It’s overwhelming to be honest. I’m giving away things on Craigslist, holding garage sales and taking boxes to Goodwill on almost a daily basis and it seems like I’m hardly making a dent.

Having recently packed up my parent’s home after my stepfather’s death last December, I have decided that the best thing I can leave my kids is less junk to deal with when I die.

George Carlin said it best (of course):


“The nerd in me is wicked excited”: So I’m guessing you then found the laptop experience to be pissa? :slightly_smiling_face:


Having handled both, I disagree.

Wait, that’s not true, I handled last years’ models of both.

But they are noticeably different, at least to me. I have no trouble spotting either one from across a room.


If you can’t spot the neon green logo from across the room, then you would most certainly fail a vision test.

I do like the Razer line quite a bit. They seem to make solid wares, though their mechanism for the phone docking is a bit rubbish (this was their latest prototype being referenced).


Yes, thank you, @SeamusBellamy, for your openness in discussing these very human issues.