“Congrats, you have an all male panel!”




Tumblog of greatness indeed… I will read and share this!

Also, I keep going to conferences and end up on jazz panels with 2 white dudes, and a white dude moderator, in a room full of white dudes… Then they dominate the conversation after the presentations.


I mean, you’d really have to work to exclude women from these groups so thoroughly. Huh.


What we need, to illustrate the absurdity, is an all-female panel on something super male, like prostate cancer or pattern baldness.


Well, if they’re experts on the topics…like an oncologist or geneticist? I dunno, I suspect that’s a slight bit difference on something like a panel on women in buddhism, as illustrated in the post. Why not include women on a panel that deals with social issues relating to women?


Well yeah that’s my point – for an issue that explicitly targets men, how weird would it be for the panel to be all women?

Kind of like that french gender inversion video, Oppressed Majority


I’ve been thinking a while about a statistical tool I could put online to help people decide if a group of people is gender/race/whatever biased under a statistical model.

As a feminist these all-male things bother me, but as a scientist I keep wondering what the null model is. Say I setup a panel of Nobel Laureates in Physics, would I get called sexist because only men are there? What if I held a meeting of ex-presidents? What about a meeting of 3rd grade teachers?


Maybe they are too busy actually getting things done instead of wasting time in panels people will forget about 2 days later?




I dunno… I seem to be on lots of panels this year which people forget about later that day! :wink:


I think the reigning champion is still that all-male group of witnesses the GOP called to testify in a 2012 hearing on birth control.


I love that video, actually. It’s pretty powerful.

To be clear, I have no real issue with panels on women’s issues that include men - as long as they aren’t the only ones on the panel and aren’t assholes about it.


Man the only people I take Jazz advice from are the elderly black gentlemen that tell me who to listen to when I am browsing the stacks at the Seattle central library.


Interestingly, they are often talking about some older black gentlemen and their music. Me, I’m talking about the recording industry and the Cold War and the jazz tours.


Good god, that Women in Buddhism panel is particularly face-palm worthy.

I know of plenty of highly esteemed Buddhist women leaders in the US and Europe, and have known several personally, but I’ve never heard of any of those panelists.


…do we need a jazz games thread?

(You can pry Stephan Grapelli and David Grisman out of my pale, well calloused hands)



In regards to your comment?


I propose they be called ‘man-els’.


I’m gonna go out on a limb here and guess that that poverty summit panel didn’t have any poor people on it, either.