Sen Lindsay Graham promises a fine future for "white men in male-only clubs"



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how long is it going to take politicians to realize that any statement made in front of more than two or three people is probably going to be recorded and is likely to be released if it’s newsworthy?


I do not see in what sense this is a joke?


It’ll trickle down! Honest! We just need to make the tax breaks bigger this time. Once the already sickeningly well off have a sufficient amount of wealth-pressure in their money bladders they can’t help but trickle out a precious, precious trickle of golden sprinkles.

Just stand outside the windows of male-only clubs with a bowl and the members will be happy to open a window, pull down their flies, and give you exactly what they think they owe you.


Golden shower economics.


"And when they say, ‘I want my lawyer,’ you tell them, ‘Shut up. You don’t get a lawyer.’” --Lindsay Graham


It’s people like this guy that make me afraid the next American Revolution will happen sooner, rather than later.


Hopefully never? I enjoy hearing what politicians honestly think. Makes my choice easier.


Revulsion and revolution are rooted in the same impulse.


the etymologies are related. revolution comes from rolling back while revulsion comes from pulling back.


Correction: All male (closeted homosexual) club.


no kidding!


You mean you aren’t yet convinced Senator Graham is a joke?


I’m not buying claims that his comments about white men were a joke “taken out of context.” His fraternal intent was definitely serious, as serious as cancer.


As a white guy I’m fine with this. So many traditional men’s spaces have been invaded and feminized, it’s time to look out for our own again.


Edit: I changed the image in response to PeterKK’s thoughtful comment below.


That poor dragon is gonna get diabetes…


Awesome! I wish you luck in your pathetic white hot rage at the destruction and humiliation of your world and worldview. Here’s a link in case you need some career options.


When he is defeated and not a minute sooner.


Ah, the Hibernian societies. I don’t want to say they’re all fucking awful, but…