Congress wants to know if agencies were compromised by the backdoor in Juniper gear (and where it came from)


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But what if an agency, let’s say the Department of Education, had been infiltrated by enemies of the state, for example, teachers? They might end up sending each other secure messages, and we can’t have that!


I suspect this post. We have some of the author’s typical hyperbole and tin foil hattery but the word “congrescritter” is suspiciously absent from the text.


Juniper Gear’s been compromised? Then who can save us from the monsters of Pacific Rim?


“Ha ha”
Generic European IT company representative


Europeans make networking gear?


Nokia? Siemens? Alcatel (okay, Nokia from this month)? Ericsson? MikroTik?


Yeah, the Eurobabes are doing wonders when it comes to privacy and security on the internets. Oh, hey, I think you dropped this:

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