Congressional hearings are bad news for gag orders banning online reviews

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Trying to define “disparagement” sounds like an exercise in futility. So what if I post only objective data about the product with no interpretation? “This was the actual gas mileage” or “It cost me $5000 to repair and make useful”. It can even be framed in positive terms! “I love this product because it broke right away.” or “It’s great that we got 20% more cockroaches than the other place, at no extra cost!”


Wait, what the hell? A Republican member of congress is going after a crooked business practice? This is a sign of the End Times, right?


Dang, you were lucky. Some people pay good money for more roaches.

What makes it “good money”?

The crucial first step is not knowing “how much money”, but rather “what exactly is it worth to you”. Personally, having no money is worth far more to me, so I cannot afford to have it.

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