Congresswoman Diane Black [R-TN] blames school shootings on "pornography"


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News Flash - Pornography (and everything else imaginable) is available to anyone with an internet connected device unless specific barriers are put in place, and they usually aren’t or are easily dodged.


Blame anything and everything but the easy access to firearms.



I’m often amazed at how such total imbeciles manage to get elected.

And then I remember how many people in general are imbeciles.


Quite untrue, if mass shooters looked at pornography more often, they would have less time and inclination to plan out their organized murder schemes.

Pretty much most of the world’s violence could be curtailed if guys (cause lets face it, we haven’t seen mass murdering school shooting women yet) had more avenues of sexual gratification either with themselves or consenting willing partners.*

*If that came off as misogynistic, I apologize. I meant it to be misandristic. :slight_smile:


Clarksville, of course. There are a ton of people living in Clarskville from all over the country who do not vote in this congressional district. Which is how nutters keep getting elected in districts near military bases.

I’d like to know what grocery stores this old, white, out of touch lady is shopping at in Clarksville because I didn’t find any porn laying around the Walmart, Kroger or even the Target store. Then again, who the hell buys porn on paper in 2018?


Exactly what kind of pornography is Diane Black watching? This probably says more about her than the actual issue at hand.


I think she is worked up about Cosmopolitan and its saucy cover stories on G-spot activation or keeping sex fun or the thirteen positions sure to make your SO scream for more etc etc etc. You know the really hard stuff. The stuff Rule 34 is made of! (drags fainting couch into range) OMG it has an article on hoohah grooming! (thump! missed the damn couch again)


I don’t think she’s ever seen pornography… bless her little heart. Or did I miss the one about the poolside orgy that morphed into a mass shooting.


I have used prescription drugs, I like video games, like porn, came from a broken family, and I was rejected by my love- I’m the GOP’s profile for a school shooter!


Boy is she going to be shocked when she finds out who Stormy Daniels is.


I wouldn’t worry about that. She’d likely give Tub-thump Trump a pass on his…trivial indiscretion.


She thinks teenagers get their pornography from magazines these days.


Maybe she was in the produce section.



I love (“love”) these conservative American politicians who blame gun violence on “moral decay,” with the evidence for that moral decay being something that every other developed nation also has (and probably more of it), yet those countries weirdly don’t have shootings. Something those countries do have less of is politicians denying climate change and evolution. Soooo… maybe school shootings are evidence of intellectual decay, as characterized by denial of climate change and evolution. I mean, it least it’s consistent with the facts.


My grocery store does not carry pornography, but do you know what it does carry?


Come to think of it, maybe this is a kind of porn.


Who the hell buys porn in 2018?

Buying porn, just like paper porn or downloaded porn, leaves an audit trail.


Whoa! “Mental illness” made her list?! How the flip did that happen? I guess even a broken clock is right twice a day, if the clock is old enough.

I’m astonished that she thinks kids are getting their porn from grocery store shelves. I’m 50, and I’m not that far out of touch. Even kids that don’t have smart phones likely have friends that do.

Hahahahah. No you don’t. “Hey, Siri…”


And why would you pay for something the internet gives to us free?


Wasn’t this last week’s news? Maybe 2 weeks?