10 killed in Dayton mass shooting

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And again… [it gives me no joy to keep posting the same thing]

No way to prevent this…”, cry America’s ammosexuals.

ATTN: Ammosexuals

Added to the obligatory links and cartoons, for those who’d like to wank over the technical minutiae of the weapons used rather than discuss the victims of the shooting, this warning from the moderator:

Some goes for the old “what if the shooter was mentally ill?" distraction. It’s against the conduct rules here. We don’t yet know if he was or not. What we do know is that he had access to powerful weapons designed to kill and maim lots of people, and we know why that’s a more common situation in the U.S. than anywhere else.

ETA: Other BS distractions that have been discredited ad nauseum in endless other mass-shooting topics won’t fly here anymore:

  • "The real problem is “[video games|scary music|other moral panic]” – no, the percentage of people who pay games or listen to music are roughly the same from country to country; the incidence of mass shootings, not so much.

  • “You’re politicising a tragedy by bringing up gun control” – it’s obvious why this one is bogus, but the ammosexuals love this one as much as they love indulging in the Nirvana Fallacy that nothing can be done because there’s no 100% effective solution. Gun control is a political issue that’s going to be discussed every time one of these incidents happens.

Finally, a new obligatory question for any gun fondlers here still thinking about commenting in this topic: is the fear of losing the supposed right to your beloved collection worth the price of yet more dead children who were engaging in activities that are supposed to be less risky then travelling in a car? How about the price of one dead child?


Please stop calling these events “Mass Shootings.” Let’s start calling them what they are: Terrorist Attacks


I particularly appreciate the term “vanilla isis”.


250+ mass shootings, and we’ve still got almost four months to go.


At least in Goundhog Day, he had the whole day before it reset.


Agreed, the targets of these killings are often chosen with care. Like the young male who travelled from Dallas to El Paso, because that’s where all the undesirables are. Or targeting a festival full of hippies and other commies. Or nightclubs, where all the depraved queers hang out. They match the very definition of a terrorist attack in that they want to intimidate with these attacks, and they hope to encourage an overreaction by authorities, so that those authorities get exposed as the enemy.

A side note: I am using the vulgar, derogatory terms that I suspect the terrorists think in, and do not want anyone to think I use them.

Now, I think I will listen to Pink Floyd’s The Wall again, especially “Run Like Hell” and “Follow the Worms”.


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Its crazy because before the El Paso shooting and this one there was another shooting in a Mississippi Walmart where 2 people were killed, and i recall reading about another after that about a shooting elsewhere though i can’t confirm where before the El Paso one is showing up on Goggle drowning out other results.

Honestly, at some point you’d hope people would realize US’ obsession with guns is part of the problem and that terrorism and crime isn’t a thing that only brown people do.


trump will never retract his views, and even if he did he’d never get the toothpaste back in the tube. We have to get rid of him or this will be america moving forward.


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Wow, my city got mentioned in the news and it’s not about economic collapse or opioid deaths.

I’ve been waiting for this day when I could finally (what’s the opposite of ‘triumphantly’?) declare: it happened here.


ETA: I saw a quote from somebody here in Dayton, i think it was a bouncer at one of the bars in the Oregon, that said “he damaged our city.” That really hit me and ffs I can’t get that short sentence out of my head.




No way! He’s too busy standing with law enforcement.

Looks like that “keep Americans safe” is working just swell.


They are both, obviously. But it’s important to acknowledge tools used to carry out such attacks if we want to take steps to prevent future massacres. Most of these dumbshits don’t have the skill sets to build effective bombs.


It hasn’t even been a full 24 hours since the last domestic terrorist attack/mass shooting.


I haven’t really read anything about the shooter yet (other then that they were killed and a local). Is it another chud?

ETA all signs point to yes.




This kind:

(And it looks like he was. Internet sleuths found a picture of him that he proudly captioned as “Not black, not an immigrant, not a Muslim. White, American, male.” Good grief.)