Conjurers' audiences are most suspicious of extra effort

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It’s best to double bag human heads.


I question the notion that suspicion means reduced audience enjoyment.

I know when I go to a magic show I’m assuming that every moment is part of the mechanics of a trick, and I actively try to see how it works. But that’s part of the fun for me, and if I see something that doesn’t look right but the trick works anyway, I’m even more impressed (doubly if I can’t connect what I suspected to what happened).


I prefer to just shrink them and wear them openly. Especially in a magic act, it just adds that extra layer of authenticity.


It seems to me that this could be utilized as part of the misdirection… Being obviously careful with something that is NOT part of the trick.


This in my understanding is entirely how magic is done.


The best magic tricks to show to other magicians are very different from the best magic tricks shown to the general public.


You mean, aside from the parts that obviously require a tiny angel bound by the 77 Divine Names.

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Is there an alternate universe where magic acts involving human heads or kitten soup kitchens are a thing? I thought they generally dealt with cards, balls and coins.

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