The Secret Box magic trick- A small metal can rattles but nothing can be found inside

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Woah! . . . Wait a minute . . . Woah!

Why doesn’t the guy shake the lid and the bottom part separately? Isn’t that the first thing anybody would do after they take the lid off?


My bet is on a double bottom.

I wish these magic-product posts included a spoiler on the click-through that explained the gimmick.

I’m an awful magic fan, I know, but all I care about is how the trick is done.


Spoiler? This is the least mystifying trick ever. I love magic, but this one wouldn’t even fool my cat.

But, since the guy asked…

Magician has a long-sleeved shirt or coat usually. A similar tin with contents that rattle is strapped to the wrist under the sleeve. To make it seem empty, you shake it with the hand that doesn’t have the rattle. To make it seem full, shake it with the hand with the rattle.

I saw Penn Gillette demonstrate this on Wizard Wars recently. That show exposes all kinds of magic tricks, both intentionally and accidentally.

EDIT: I just watchedTFV, and a critical part is when the magician takes his nickel, palms it, and pretends to put it in the can. Then, that can is empty, even though the guy thinks it’s full. Likewise, he inserts surprise contents via palming.

Did you watch TFV? Only the spectator handles the box.

good stash box, but i prefer to use an orange:

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