Connecticut's undertaxed super-rich hedgies get "tax bills" from anti-cuts protesters


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I’m sick of you Lazy Layabouts refusing to buck up, pull yourselves up by your own bootstraps, roll up your shirtsleeves, rub on some elbow grease and fill in the hole your Social and Economic Betters dug for you!


Next time, pitchforks


and torches. much more atmospheric.


But of course; the torches are de rigueur.


Collecting [the tax] is the real challenge.


If The People need some help, I can rent them tumbrels at a usurious rate.


Guard is probably from Blackwater or whatever they call themselves these days. He was hoping to shoot someone, but having the cops there stopped him.


But if the rich don’t take all the money how will they keep everyone else so poor?


Don’t forget the salt’n’pepper. (I’ll bring the chianti and fava beans).


FTFA, a house owned by billionaire hedge fund owner Stephen Cohen in CT. I bet he doesn’t appreciate having his spread fancy splashed across the internet.


Seriously, why does ANYONE need that much house?


Concerts, maker events, kink events, growing food, doing art, community school.

To share with the community! There are lots of good reasons!


Those are all excellent reasons to have a house that big. Can’t argue there.

Unfortunately, I don’t think this guy has ANY of that going on in his house. Maybe you can buy it from him and turn it into that! :wink:


I was going to say that . . . but then I realized that someone living in cardboard box in a third world country would say to me “why do you need that much house?” But at least we seem to use most of it, anyway. I can’t imagine how this guy can even visit half his house more than once a year, unless he jogs in it.


True. Perspective!

Me too, actually. there isn’t a lot of unused space in casa de mindysan.


It’s one of the most unequal states in America; at the bottom is the opiod-plagued town of Bridgeport, where one in five residents lives below the poverty line; at the top is nearby Greenwich, where the super-wealthy hedge-fund managers have seen their incomes rise by more than 17% since the financial crisis.

Too right. I live between these two towns, and the disparity is real. I am definitely going to try to learn more about these folks and see how I might be able to help.


Christ what an ugly growth of a building. On the plus side it reminded me of a blog (I think posted here?) that I found very cathartic:


I feel like your house is officially way too big when it looks like the architect just smashed several houses adjacent to each-other.


I remember that! You are right. I think. :thinking: