Consent and Tea


I actually think this video manages to characterize consent very quickly and efficiently in a way that kind of preempts people’s weird huffy-puffy arguments about how consent is really just some bizarre sexphobic plot cooked up by Feminazis. Sure it’s something people here on the BBS would consider obvious but then, I hope we’re not really the audience this is aimed at.


Just showed this to my kids. Thank you.


I’ll be making myself some ummm tea, yeah me and the private browsing session.
sorry couldn’t resist,

Seriously though that is totally awesome.


Sadly, I suspect not all of us.


It does nicely show the difference between enthusiastic consent and being persuaded, even if there wasn’t an emphatic refusal. There needs to be an atmosphere where the other person feels comfortable that they could say “no”, “stop” or “I don’t want this (right now)” at any point without having any pressure. Of course, “ok then, I’ll just drink tea over here by myself while talking to you” is one place where the metaphor breaks down.


Some people like to watch other people drink tea.


HEY! I was gonna say that! But more crassly.


That’s fine too, if that’s your cup of tea.


Well done, but is there a follow-up video?
If I whole-heartedly accept a cup of tea is ok to just dunk my Schweddy Balls into it?


I’m personally offended that this video didn’t cover coffee consumption.



What what? :smile:
I think that’s classified as hot chocolate.


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