For a post-#MeToo world: 'The Field Guide to Consent'


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l’d like to make a comment but… I feel frozen.


What do you mean by that?


Maybe he or she just needs to:

(Sorry, I couldnt resist.)



And if they are all like “oh yes, I’d like some tea”, proceed to find out what kind of tea they’d like, how it should be served, maybe what they’d like to go with the tea or try out a flavour the hadn’t had before…
There’s a time and place for everything. Could be just a cuppa of Earl Grey from teabags & milk in the pantry or a full cream tea with all the trimmings on a lazy sunny sunday afternoon. Doesn’t matter as long as there is clear consent.


Maybe say a little more in your post about why you think so?


Well now I’m trying to figure out how the types of tea go with the types of sex acts.


I heard you want to talk about consent conversations, so I made you a Field Guide to Conversations about Consent Conversations, so you can know how to make conversations about consent conversations sexy or hot!


How could he say he thought otherwise?


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