Constituent silenced by spammer-turned-UK Tory party chairman was telling the truth


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Writing under a “business name” is a thing? I didn’t know that.


Ah, Shapps, I remember him. The TrafficPaymaster guy. Rather than try to make money by with his software for setting up spam websites, he sold the software to rubes who hoped to make money by setting up spam websites – a once-in-a-lunchtime opportunity to make a fortune rorting the Interlattice for webvertising windfalls. What better symbol of the Conservative Party could there be?


Kinda the point, I think.

EDIT - ( ‘Lemoutan’ is my ‘hobby name’ ).


It sounds so much better than alias. But he shouldn’t worry - this sort of thing is permitted, on the right.

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Once again, a politician leading the charge to the bottom. They do depress me.


Wait; a Tory using his money and connections to actively cover up shady business practices and bully those poorer than himself into silence?

Whoever would have thought?

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